Casey Jung Kyung Chul

Councillor - S. Korea

Casey Jung Kyung Chul is a councillor from South Korea appointed by Ivory Properties since 2009. Currently based in Malaysia & Bangkok, Jung graduated from DongMyeong High School in year 1983 and Emmanuel College Business Management in USA in year 1993.

He started his career with AST which is a global leader in satellite and radio communication systems as an executive level since year 1994 in United Kingdom. He was then appointed as the CEO of Supacolor Co Ltd Korea in year 1995. Jung also served as an English volunteer in FIFA World Cup 2002. After that, he was appointed as the director of Hanbit net and the CEO of Becks Neo Media in 2006. In 2007, he served as the CEO of Sidus which specialises in film production and distribution. In the following year, he was appointed as the CEO of DekEun Interline Refinery which is one of the leading oil recycling companies in Korea.

Jung’s vast experience, network connection and wide expertise throughout the years have taken him across the globe. He is also the owner of Dae Bak Toast Sdn Bhd, which carries the master franchise of Isaac Toast Korea in Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam.